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  • ## Add On Mantel Option ##

    Why not choose This "Add On" package to our Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum installations and add a luxurious fireplace Garland to compliment your tree design. ## Please note that this service is only available as a chosen add on service if booked in conjunction with one of our listed package installs. The Price will be included in your invoice when booking our installation services ##

  • Gold Installation Package

    Gold Installation Package : - Artificial tree to a maximum size of 7ft height - A Mixed selection of Shatterproof and Glass Baubles - either single colour scheme or why not opt for a mixed selection. - A Full selection of Floral Stems and Crystal Droplets to compliment the style and visual design. - Luxury Tree Skirt - Choice of multi Coloured or Clear Christmas lights - Our Dedicated designers will liaise with you and prior to any installation will listen to your plans and ideas and will design and plan your vision to your requirements. - We will undertake the install and schedule a date for the dismantle of your installation and will package the items for you to use again. - The decorations will be yours to keep and reuse as required and we will be happy to reinstall if you choose our services again. ## Please note that there is a £50 non refundable deposit for our installation services and any Outstanding Payments are required to be completed at least 4 weeks prior to your installation date ##

  • Bespoke Mantle Dressing service

    Awaken your Home for the Holidays and let The Kringles Design team create for you a magnificent and truly luxurious Fireplace mantel display to stun and wow visitors to your home. This is a bespoke service for YOU - Please contact to discuss you personal requirements and for a quotation of service.

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  • Kringles Supports GHT - With Every 1 Sale You Will Help Raise Funds For HIV

    Philip Lawrence-Jones who is the inspired owner and founder of Kringles has and will always have a deep rooted connection to his home town of Manchester, England. He has spent most of his life in this vibrant and colourful city, with an extravagant history and one of the friendliest places to visit, he is proud to call it home. With his passion for interior design and thirst for Seasonal Décor, Philip has searched far and wide including North America to bring unique designs to the expanding UK market. He also founded the company with some basic principles - To promote local Artisan businesses and support local charities, The George House Trust is Kringles chosen charity that provides services for people living with or affected by HIV. In support for this charity Kringles are donating a 10% of the sale price per item sold from the All about the Buzz and Pride Ranges to George House Trust. Inclusive is a specially crafted HIV awareness ribbon that is only available at Kringles. It’s no secret our lives have been thoroughly disrupted by Covid-19. Not one part of it has been left untouched. We wear masks, hoard toilet paper and line up to get a vaccine. A similarity faced with the HIV & Aids epidemic of the 1980`s to some extent, although to date there is no vaccine to prevent or cure this illness even after over 40 years !! The way we live, move and work has changed. But, when any challenging circumstance arises, also arises beauty too. We see neighbours connecting and helping each other like they never had. We watch kids spending time at home with siblings and parents, becoming more grounded and centred after surviving crazed schedules from pre-Covid times. And, for those who had a daily commute, the only traffic you face is a few toys on the floor on the way to the coffee pot. Much has changed, but it hasn’t all been bad. To add to the silver lining, Kringles has always believed the Christmas spirit should be alive year round, and we think that since you’re at home, we have some ideas on how to incorporate the Christmas spirit into your home and home office in ways that don’t require red and green. Red and green was so December. Obviously for us, Christmas spirit dwells in the beauty of a well-placed or well-gifted ornament, so our ideas all include decorating with Christmas ornaments. We take great pride in our Christmas ornaments at Kringles. We put our heart and soul into the design process and procurement, because we believe that each ornament is special and each connects with our customers for significant reasons. We believe that Christmas trees around the world benefit from the thoughtful designs and dazzling selection of our Christmas ornaments. With the faux trees packed up and hidden away securely (that is unless you want to keep it up all year) there are many ways to enhance your home and display some chosen quality pieces. Take a plain branch tree for example there are many wire or bare-branch trees that could display ornaments pertaining to the season any time. This simple tree would look great on a sideboard in a dining room or on your home-office desk. It could hold sparkling ornaments from all the major post-Christmas holidays such as valentines or Easter for example to create a colourful display to a darkened corner or maybe place an item in a plain glass bowl with some décor - the possibilities are endless. Kringles has worked with a local Artisan glass artist and has created a unique stained glass HIV & AIDS Awareness Ribbon. This Hand crafted Glass Ribbon in Red Glass is crafted using the finest Red coloured Glass, This ribbon is a symbol of solidarity for people living with HIV and AIDS it has been specially crafted for Kringles. A percentage of each sale made will be paid to the George House Trust to support those living with or affected by HIV. This stunning creation can be found along with other bespoke decorations promoting LGBTQ+ at the Kringles `Pride Collection` In addition to the fabulous Pride collection Kringles is also able to offer a Manchester Bee line of ornaments which is a heartfelt reminder of the devastation felt after the tragic events of the 2017 arena bombing. Philip hopes the Manchester Bee collection will help in drawing people together, while celebrating our solidarity. He has aptly called the line ‘All About the Buzz’. “Kringles are donating 10% of the sale price per item sold from the "All about the Buzz" and "Pride" ranges to George House Trust, a charity that provides services for people living with or affected by HIV.” The Christmas spirit is alive and well, all year round, Covid-19 or not. We just have to look for it, create it and decorate. Don’t underestimate the power of an Kringles Christmas ornament thoughtfully given in the “off season".

  • LGBTQ+ With an Aim to Give Back

    Kringles, your independent Online Retail store, for Seasonal Home Décor. Kringles is your go-to web site stocking exclusive unique Artisan Home Décor, Artificial Florals, Yankee and Woodwick Candles and many Seasonal Crafts, in all price ranges, to help beautify your home. Christmas is all year long here at Kringles featuring beautiful Hand-Blown tree ornaments with a special Manchester Bee inspired collection. Kringles is the convenient one-stop shopping experience to find LGBTQ+ Rainbow Themed Christmas and Seasonal home décor. Philip Lawrence-Jones, the inspired owner of Kringles, has always loved the world of interior design and special seasonal décor. His tasteful and fantasifull designs complement all styles of homes, no matter the size and transforms them into a Seasonal Wonderland. Philip is a member of the LGBTQ+ community and lives in the U.K. with his husband and son. Wanting to quench his thirst for Seasonal Décor and needing to find a way to spend more time with his family, he has taken a leap of faith and launched the on-line store Kringles. Kringle’s Manchester Bee hand-blown Christmas decorations are very close to Philip’s heart, having lived in Manchester for most of his life. The Manchester Bee line of ornaments is a heartfelt reminder of the devastation felt after the tragic events of the 2017 arena bombing. Philip hopes the Manchester Bee collection will help in drawing people together, while celebrating our solidarity. He has aptly called the line ‘All About the Buzz’. Philip has searched far and wide, including North America to find exclusive decorative items not seen before in the U.K... The speciality ‘Pride Rainbow’ line are inspired and will add just the right amount of Glitter and Kitsch to make your Seasonal Décor sparkle. Decorations and gifts to suit all tastes and budgets will be sure to make you as `PROUD` as we are. Philip is pleased to be a member of the Manchester Front Runners, where he met the love of his life... his husband Liam. Both Philip and Liam feel it is only appropriate given the support they have both received from the Manchester Front Runners and The George House Trust; Kringles will be donating a percentage of the profits from the ‘All About the Buzz’ and the ‘Pride Rainbow’ collections to the George House Trust, in support of those living with HIV & AIDS. The COVID lockdown has come with its own set of challenges for us all. The glittery silver lining is, it has given me the time to realise dreams can become a reality if you put your mind to it. I welcome you to visit the Kringles on-line store for Seasonal Décor and shop from the comfort of your own home. Be sure to watch for my up-coming blog, giving step by step instructions, on how to glamourize your life.

  • The History Of a Rose, A symbol Of Love but with Heritage

    Roses have a long, storied history. Fossils show that wild roses existed more than 35 million years ago. That means that roses have been on earth longer than humans. Hard to believe I know, even I was a little shocked when I found out that little fact. However, there is nothing to tell us how the flower began so I delved a little deeper ..... It has been documented that Wild rose bushes grew on hillsides on the island of Crete, Greece, thousands of years before Christ's birth. Roses and images of roses have also been found in tombs of ancient Egyptians. Scripture tells us that The Chinese and the Egyptians are thought to have first cultivated roses, around 5,000 years ago, selecting plants on the basis of flower color, elaborate rose gardens could be found at the homes of royalty and the wealthy. In the late 18th century, cultivated roses were introduced into Europe from China, a lineage to which most modern-day roses can be traced back. Today, the genus Rosa includes approximately 150 species spread throughout the Northern Hemisphere, from Alaska to Mexico and northern Africa. Roses have been symbols of love, beauty, and even war. In the 15th century, the rose was used as a symbol for the factions fighting to control England, in what is now known as the "War of the Roses." The white rose symbolized York, and the red rose, Lancaster. The history of the Rose also takes us through religious history also. Most religions believe in rose symbolism in some form or other, in Christianity the rose is associated with Mary. White roses are attributed to the Virgin martyrs and to the Virgin Mary herself and red roses represent the blood of Christ spilt on the cross and his love for mankind. Roses are a truly spectacular specimen in my own personal opinion, and since finding out a few facts into its history and longevity, this purest of flower has taken on a new meaning in my life. Just imagine that the simple flower that you present to your loved one on valentines or just to add decor in your home has a history before humankind itself. Mother nature in its purest form. A final fact ......... In the 17th century, roses were so in demand and highly valued that royalty treated roses and rose water as legal tender, using them for payments and bartering.

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  • Artisan Christmas Decorations UK | Rare & Magical Décor | Kringles

    Free Standard Delivery to UK addresses on all orders over £40 K ringles Seasonal Home Décor is a family-owned store that features holiday, home, and event décor for every Season. Our store is filled with hundreds of unique items that are especially imported from around the globe or are locally crafted by artisan creators. ​ Our focus is to offer a curated collection of products that can enhance a space, and renew an atmosphere. We are an aspirational store that caters to all budgets, while remaining decidedly upscale. C hristmas at K ringles W e are thrilled to present our 2021 Collection, filled with over 200 artistically hand crafted European glass ornaments. Let us take you on a Sleigh ride of discovery. "If you believe - then your halfway there" View Range HOLIDAY, HOME & EVENT DECOR For The Designers, The Creators And The Dreamers Artificial Florals Shop Now Home Décor Shop Now Home of Halloween & Fall Shop Now Out of gallery Y our Vision & Our Creativity W hether traditional or contemporary, whimsical or classic, we have the creativity and resources to bring your vision to life. Wreaths, garlands, swags, mesh boxes, lanterns, table top arrangements, anything you want for every space, each element will be perfectly coordinated. Christmas in your home or office will be a reflection of you, your family, your business, your holiday spirit. View our Themes A rtisan Christmas Decorations by K ringles K ringles specialises in rare and artisan Christmas decorations ethically sourced and manufactured Seasonal home décor. Christmas is the perfect time to get creative and be over the top! Our home décor is specially selected for its style and quality. All the baubles, candles, lights and more, have been picked by our team of artisan Christmas décor experts. At K ringles, we provide our customers with a wide selection of affordable home goods. We believe that good Christmas décor design doesn’t have to be expensive, which is why ever since we first opened our store, we’ve been offering unbeatable products and prices to our customers. Our knowledgeable staff are experienced in finding the perfect items. So, no matter what you need, they’ll be happy to help. Our site is continually being updated with the latest artisan Christmas décor trends and we welcome you to our Holiday Decoration Store to browse our full selection of goods. With our extensive inventory, we have something for every taste and every budget. Our team is also available to craft the perfect Christmas wonderland in your home. Using our artisan Christmas décor installation service, you can have a team of professionals decorate your home. We believe that a perfectly decorated home is the key to having the best festive experience. Wow your family and friends with an expertly decorated home. We will liaise with you and create your installation to your requirements, and after the festivities are over we will carefully dismantle and pack away your items for reuse. You keep the products we install. You’ll be remembered for years as the person who threw the best party! If you have any questions regarding products or services please contact us at , our team is always happy to help. Thanks for visiting the site and enjoy browsing. A Word from Our Founder: “ K ringles, was founded by myself to provide customers with a wide selection of affordable home goods. Built with passion and family values at its heart, I wanted to share my creative design and inspiration and my love of home décor and styling. I scour the world looking for the latest in home styling trends. The result are options you just can’t find anywhere else. Check out our store to see our full selection of products. ​ Don`t forget to check out our Christmas Décor Themes. Take the stress out of your Holiday Festivities and find all the items you need to realise your vision and create a bespoke masterpiece, all from the comfort of your own home. Its never to early to start planning your perfect Holiday Home.” Blog

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