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Spintires MudRunner American Wilds Update V20181227-CODEX Fitgirl Repack jaqumal




By Justen Fishman. Loading. Latest. Overview Here you go! I take pride in my community and in the games and mod I offer to everyone. Each of the characters have their own history and personality, despite being the same character type. In MudRunner, the people, objects, and places look just like they did in the original game. I was fortunate enough to get some of the original writers and designers to help me in order to retain the feeling of the original game. Big thanks to Ben "Spintires" Buckley, Micky "Lobster" McAllister, Robin "RobinDuck" Woodard, Jeff "Liquidwater" Stallard, Jeff "Kenny" Kinney, Pat "PizzaMan" Hansen, Brian "Bam!" Handley, and Jim "Shovelmaster" Newton. I also want to thank Joey "WillieJack" Leibman for creating the fantastic map. Also special thanks go to the artist "RickNAlum" for taking the time to create all of the awesome vector graphics I used. Also, "Friendlyne" for the beautiful music. Another big thanks to "Maplinx" for creating the interesting "Savegames" and "Loads" screens for the game. This is a big undertaking and I hope you all enjoy the story and the characters! (If you want to skip to the game itself, go to the bottom of the page) There was once a land as large as a continent. A lush place filled with wonders, human cities, and monstrous creatures. It was once a peaceful place, with no aggression among its people and no malice toward those outside of its borders. There were two great nations, which were said to be on the brink of civil war. The great nation of Lancion, ruled by the military based leader, General F. Buckner; and the free nation of The New Land, ruled by the noble and well known socialite, Queen Isolda II. Due to their size and powerful armies, the two nations were both large and dangerous. A civil war between the two nations was growing more evident by the day. General Buckner was a young man, with a military background as a soldier, as well as a leader of many army soldiers in Lancion. He was obsessed with all things military, as was the people of Lancion. Isolda II was a strong woman. She was the leader of The New Land, which she ruled for most of her life. Isolda




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Spintires MudRunner American Wilds Update V20181227-CODEX Fitgirl Repack jaqumal
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