Merry Christmas Wrap-Up! (1).jpg

Vintage Traditions

All is Brite is all is RIGHT! This Christmas Tree idea puts a new and fun spin on a classic vintage Christmas! The colour palette in this tree idea is silver, red, dark green, lime green, dark teal blue, and magenta! Christmas ornaments are the best part of any Christmas tree, we’ve chosen retro glittered starburst ornaments, striped ball ornaments, finials with awesome retro designs, tinsel filled ornaments, glitter drop ornaments, retro chenille snowmen and much MORE! The green and gold will reflect lights wonderfully against a silver or green tree, while the red will give an amazing contrast! Don’t forget about the rest of your home! Accent your couch with an adorable retro pillows and Finish the look off with a bright red Christmas tree collar to hide what’s going in underneath your tree! This look takes classic vintage and tosses it into a modern but still true-retro vibe! 

Kringles Elves